Do you need to talk about grief or loss?

Welcome. If you have come here, it is likely that your world has been either shaken or shattered by loss. Some of the individuals I work with have experiencing overwhelming heartache: through a relationship ending, the death of someone dear, coping with chronic illness, or from some other overpowering struggle. Others may be grieving a life unlived, a path taken that was ill-advised, or a world that feels like it is imploding. Whatever it is, the sorrow that has emerged may be powerful and unsettling, and your suffering may feel unforgiving and relentless. I help individuals find inner strength and resourcefulness to open to their unique circumstances, and find ways to understand, disentangle, and integrate loss.

Intro to Neil Beresin | Grief & Loss Support Services

I am a counselor and board certified interfaith chaplain who specializes in grief, loss, and transition. Does grief or loss feel like a permanent fixture or uninvited guest? Has the world suddenly become a very fragile and vulnerable place?

Contact me for a free online or phone consultation about how I may support you. These sessions are generally 30-45 minutes in length.

Read a two-page easy-to-print pdf that serves as an overview of grief and loss support, and organizes the website information in one place here.

About poetry: some may ask, do I have to like poetry to able to benefit from working with you? While I’m passionate about poetry, the answer is emphatically no. Poetry is used judiciously and only when an individual finds comfort and meaning in it.

Unexplored loss is harmful to our body, mind, spirit, and soul. It takes energy and intention to tend to this delicate and uncertain place. Stepping into this space is an opening to increased consolation, compassion, resourcefulness, and integrity.

It takes immense courage to face significant loss. If you can make a place for it, it will change.

“Grief is not a problem to be solved, it’s a presence waiting for witnessing. It’s the solitary journey that we cannot do alone, that needs to be shared, only then can there be a response, a protection and a restoration of that which has been damaged.” ― Francis Weller

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